Vacations are supposed to be for R and R: rest and recreation, yes? But one of my clients recently said to me:

“The vacation I just finished was fun, I guess… but I'm exhausted now, and I spent way too much money. Now that I'm back at work, I'm more stressed than ever.”

The client who told me this — we'll call her Rebecca — had just completed a one-week adventure cruise to Alaska with a good friend. They'd planned it together, and it was packed with experiences they were excited to share.

But Rebecca's job has gotten a lot more stressful in the past year. Organizational changes and the resulting office politics have sent the level of tension and uncertainty in her division through the roof. She felt she urgently needed to the relief and fun of her week off with her friend. So it was disappointing to realize that her vacation had actually, overall, increased her stress levels… and her personal debt.  Ugh!

Planning the Vacation You Actually Need

For the last month, I've been thinking and writing on the role leisure, relaxation and FUN could have in a healthy, non-burned-out life. And I've been hearing stories about vacations that did NOT supply enough leisure, or relaxation, or fun.

How can your next vacation provide the right kind of rest and recreation — for you? But not the perfect vacation for a dream version of yourself.

vacation for the real you of today, the tired, hard-working human with the never-ending to-do list. A person with very individual ways you like to rest & renew & enjoy.

I think getting and enjoying that kind of great vacation has to start with with asking the right questions.

My Birthday Gift for You: A Unique Anti-Burnout Vacation Planner

Because of all this (and also because it's my birthday this week) as my gift to you, I'd like to send you my brand new, revised and expanded version of the Burnout Solutions vacation planner. Though an earlier version appeared in my book, I've added a lot to it.  Here's what's brand new: ideas, checklists, and reflection questions that ensure you can plan exactly the right vacation for you. Click this button to get yours, for free:

Isn't it time for you to truly reap the benefit of disconnecting?

Take at least 10 or 15 minutes to consider this planner. It will help you to create the perfect vacation – for you.