On the Connie Pheiff Show

Former executive turned Lifestyle entrepreneur, Connie Pheiff is “ridiculously dedicated to inspiring individuals to activate their power & live their dream as a lifestyle entrepreneur.  We are Unstoppable Together.”

On Canfield & Company

Robert Canfield interviews Beth Genly about burnout.

On the Xenium HR Webinar Series:

How to Tame Burnout: Reduce a Huge Hidden Drain on the Bottom Line

Many businesses see burnout as an inevitable cost of doing business. Burnout masquerades as turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, errors, injuries, and poor customer service. Also, the myths and stigma that many attach to burnout can make it very difficult to address effectively. If you’ve been wondering how to tackle this persistent drag on performance and morale, you’ll get a lot from this webinar. Moderated by Brandon Laws Marketing Director, Xenium HR

On Public TV

Watch the first 12 minutes of this public-access TV clip to hear the delightful Anne-Louise Sterry interview Beth Genly about Burnout, and how to rediscover joy.