Table of Contents for “Save Yourself from Burnout”

Book Cover, "Save Yourself from Burnout"

List of Interactive Elements .. xi

Preface ..  xiii

Acknowledgments .. xv

 Part I: Learn the Inside Scoop about Burnout

Chapter ONE: Contrary to Popular Belief, Burnout Is Not a Workplace Zombie Virus .. 1

Chapter TWO: How Does Burnout Happen? ..  11

Chapter THREE: Recognizing Burnout When You See It and Feel It   .. 29


Part II: Create Your Action Plan

Chapter FOUR: What Stands Between You and Burnout: Five Key Areas .. 41

Chapter FIVE: Where Are You Strong? Where Are You Vulnerable?  Your Burnout Shield Self-Tests .. 49

Part III: Take Action

Chapter SIX: Self-Care: Are You Providing Your Body with the Basics that Keep It Going? ..   87

Chapter SEVEN: Reflection & Recognition: Engage Your Brain’s Most Powerful Reward Circuits .. 129

Chapter EIGHT: Capacity: Check the Lay of the Land .. 153

Chapter NINE: Community: Reconnect, Ask for Help, Get Perspective .. 185

Chapter TEN: Coping Skills: Rethink Your Reactions .. 209

Chapter ELEVEN: Staying Out of Burnout .. 239


Appendix A: Recommended Reading .. 257

Appendix B: Game-based Interactive Learning .. 259

Appendix C: Sources and References .. 265

About the Authors .. 295

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