“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter spread over too much bread.”
─ Frodo, The Fellowship of the Rings, J. R. R Tolkien

Here's a quick suggestion for relieving that uneasy, exhausted, spread-too-thin feeling.

(Perhaps you even recognized the quote: Frodo was struggling to carry out a world-saving task that seemed far too big for his little hobbit body. More and more, he felt not just bone-tired, but soul-weary.)

Relief for That “Spread Too Thin” Feeling

Yesterday, a super-productive friend made me think of Frodo. She asked, “LinkedIn is having a big debate about whether people should use the phrase “I’m so busy” anymore. I found it very upsetting; it sounds like they are saying just don’t talk about the problem anymore. What’s your take on this?”

Well, people certainly shared lots of good ideas in the #ImSoBusy debate. Here’s just a few:

  • People might not share opportunities (for work or fun!) if you seem overwhelmed
  • We all need clear boundaries and priorities
  • Clear, honest communication about those boundaries and priorities is always preferable

But I believe what’s missing from the #ImSoBusy debate: for many of us, the real problem is:

If you are “so busy” meeting vitally important goals, how do you keep from feeling “thin, sort of stretched?”

The five steps of Roland Jarka's Miracle Minute: relief for the spread too thin feelingThe best answers are based on your individual situation. My friend Roland Jarka came up with a fabulous one-minute idea to get you started on feeling less stretched and more energized. It completely respects your individual situation.

It’s called the Miracle Minute. I love seeing faces in my audience go from tense to relaxed, when I teach the Miracle Minute in my workshops. Many look years younger.

Roland Jarka’s delightful 5-minute video takes you through the Miracle Minute, and explains the reasons it works. It's definitely worth 5 minutes of your time. Check it out!

I’d love to hear how using the Miracle Minute helps you with your day. Add your comment and let me know!