Running on empty? New book focuses on what works to get your life back

Book Cover, "Save Yourself from Burnout"

Groundbreaking Guide:
Save Yourself from BurnoutA System to Get Your Life Back

by Dr. Marnie Loomis, ND, and Beth Genly, MSN

If you are tired, becoming disconnected from your supportive communities, possibly getting cynical or snappish, or wondering if your contributions even matter any more — that's burnout!

Time to get your life back, recover your relationships, and renew your energy.  Using this book, you'll create your Burnout Shield, a simple visual system that focuses on your needs. No more one-size-fits-all advice. Focus on what you need and what works.

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Stands out for quality and innovation. Enjoyable to read.

— Robert Pater, Managing Director/Founder, MoveSMART®

How to Love Your Life Again

“Save Yourself from Burnout” features a complete guide to the “Burnout Shield,” a unique self-help program developed by a naturopathic physician and a nurse. Readable, upbeat, and often humorous, each chapter is packed with stories and science-based information, as well as quizzes, visual tools, and guided self-reflections. (At the back of the book, extensive source citations let you know just how much study and care the authors poured into their program, just for you.)

A toolkit for responding to life.  A true resource to work with in crafting a personal repertoire for identifying areas prone to burn out and potential responses. This is a guide to return to again and again.

— Igor Pilko, reader/reviewer on

Sketch of nurse, overwhelmed amid a swirl of paperworkAre you…?

  • An exhausted professional
  • An overburdened office worker
  • A frayed tradesperson
  • An overtaxed teacher
  • An overwhelmed student
  • A bone-weary family caregiver

If you're worn-out, burned-out, toasted-through — or getting there! — then this book is for you. Learn the Burnout Shield program, so you can map your own path back to understanding, recovery, and loving your life again.

…brings hope to all who suffer from burnout.

— Erin Lommen, ND, CEO and Assoc. Medical Director, Labrix Clinical Services, Inc.

Nurse celebrating in front of shelves of finished paperworkGot questions? We've got answers.

Q: “Does having burnout mean I'm weak?”

A: No!  Burnout can happen to anyone. Learning what to do can help you feel better, fast.

Q: “I’m exhausted. I want a manageable system that’s right for me.”

A: You got it! You’ll create your Burnout Shield, a simple visual dashboard that focuses on your needs. No more one-size-fits-all advice. Focus on what you need and what works.  

Q: “Do you understand how frustrating burnout is?”

A: Yes! We’ve been there. We share some of our own experiences as we help you find your way out as well. Our research-based system has helped many people out of burnout, and it can help you, too.

Marnie and Beth show you how to get your mojo back while boosting your confidence, clarity and control. A total home run. Implement these ideas now and watch how fast your results improve. Bam!! — David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing

About the Authors

Portrait of the authors of Save Yourself from Burnout

The authors: Beth Genly (left), and Dr. Marnie Loomis (right). (Photo credit: Joshua Johnston,

Dr. Marnie Loomis, ND, (right) is a naturopathic physician and an international motivational speaker known for her witty and engaging style.

Beth Genly (left), leads the coaching and consulting company, Burnout Solutions. Her audiences love her warm, supportive approach. She holds a graduate degree from Yale University School of Nursing.

When Dr. Loomis and Beth Genly discovered that they and so many others were dealing with burnout, they decided enough was enough. They developed a research-based way to return to productivity and connection. In this book they share their life-changing system with you!

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