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What Am I Missing, Here?” with Tina Greenbaum

Her gift to you: 5 Tips to Mastery Under Pressure (Scroll down to download)

Tina Greenbaum speaks with Beth Genly on "What Am I Missing, Here?"

You’ll get answers to:

  • Why does Tina insist that positive thinking is highly overrated?
  • Exactly what are the skills that comprises an “Olympic-level” Mindset? And how can we have one?
  • Why “depressed presence” can steal your energy. How can we feel better during a stressful time?

More about Tina Greenbaum, LCSW: Tina Greenbaum is an optimal performance specialist, sport psychology consultant, highly trained psychotherapist, and author. Driven by her mission to educate organizations and individuals on the importance of peak performance and stress management skills, she provides cutting edge technology necessary to function in high-stress environments. She pulls in the latest in neuroscience, energy psychology, sports psychology, Western learning theory, and ancient practices of the East.

Your Host for the RUNNING ON EMPTY Spotcast: Beth Genly

Beth Genly solved the puzzle of how to rebuild resiliency and joy as you recover from burnout, and now dedicates herself to helping hardworking, dedicated professionals do the same. She leads the coaching and consulting company, Burnout Solutions. Beth co-authored, with Dr. Marnie Loomis, N.D.: Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back.

Beth says: “Tina Greenbaum was SO much fun to talk with!”

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