We recorded this conversation a couple of years ago, before this awful pandemic shut most of us into our homes, and away from all our routines and our people. The idea of oasis time can be a wonderful way to re-frame our quarantine for ourselves. And, once the quarantine is lifted, she provides answers on how and why to create an oasis time as we move back into being super busy.
And, for my health care friends, and parenting friends, for whom this quarantine has turned out to be no “oasis time” at all — anything in this conversation that helps? Let us know!
Here is my friend Marilyn Paul, talking about how to make your time away from everyday routine into “oasis time:” a renewing, even sacred time. When I met Marilyn at a  conference, I immediately warmed to her open, friendly, compassionate presence. Smart, thoughtful, wise… she's great!
In this interview, we started out a little stiff and formal, but we loosen up and start having fun by about 1:40, so I've tried to start the video for you there. 🙂
Which of Marilyn's “oasis time” ideas are helpful to you now? What would you add?

After listening to her, I know you'll want to read her books.  (I adore the title to the first one!)