Walking Our Talk

Almost always, the first comment we hear about our “100 Talks in 100 Days” promotion is, “Wow, that idea sure sounds like a recipe for burnout! “ Yeah, we see that danger, too. This promotion is, in fact, a wonderful way for us to demonstrate the Burnout Shield System, and in this series, “Walking Our Talk,” we’re going to share our successes (and failures) candidly with you.

Happier: Five Ways to Build Happiness

In case you need a reason (or two) to learn how to get happier, let me just ask… Do you do your best work when you are miserable? I sure don’t. Do you nurture your important relationships, when you are miserable? I confess there have been times when I’ve been really bad at this, too. Speaking of reasons to get happier, I’m preparing for a couple of big corporate presentations this week.  As I study how we can build our work engagement, increase our productivity, and improve our relationships, one idea keeps coming up again and again: Happiness. So I decided to really dig into this topic, by re-reading two great books. The Achor book is my favorite, because it’s written in a humorous, breezy way.  Lyubomirsky tends more toward a dry, scholarly tone.  Though her book has more great research-based happiness activities to try than his does. Pick your  penchant.) [...]

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Hands Down: 6 Easy Ways to Decrease Thanksgiving Stress

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash “Grateful? Are you serious?”  I was overwhelmed, burned out, depressed, hopeless. I struggled to get through each day and somehow present a calm, functional face to the world. What did I have to be grateful for? After a long silent moment, my therapist gently persisted. “Think of one thing you’re grateful for, about yourself. No matter how small it is.” “Well,” I said slowly, staring down at my hands, “Thumbs are amazing. I am glad I have thumbs that work. My thumbs are long and have a good shape.” Since she was as astute as she was compassionate, my therapist did not scoff. Nor did she ask me to expand my list. She simply said, “Great.  Let yourself admire your thumbs for a while.”  As I continued to stare at my hands, I was startled to feel a small, hopeful ray of [...]

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Taming Social Burnout with the Burnout Shield

Is social burnout a thing? Jay says it is. Then she corrals and tames social burnout by rounding up her own vibrant, staunchly individual Burnout Shield strategies. Plus: angel! Our friend Jay Dunn continues her deep personal dive, chapter by chapter, to Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back.  Enjoy! by Jay Dunn, guest blogger Burnout is a consequence of a person's prolonged attempts to protect themselves from emotional and interpersonal stressors. It is characterized by three main dimensions: the feeling of emotional exhaustion (which includes physical and mental exhaustion), a sense of cynicism (feeling less caring about the people you work with; older studies use the word depersonalization for this dimension,) and a low sense of personal accomplishment (feeling like you can't be effective or your work doesn't matter). My emotional exhaustion came from my willingness to be transparent with my friends and family... at [...]

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I’m Tired: A New Perspective

"I'm tired. ... Mind, this is usually never meant in a physical sense; it is almost always in a mental or emotional sense that I use it."  Meet my new friend, and now, delightful guest blogger, Jay Dunn. She is honoring us by sharing her quirky, thoughtful. personal responses, chapter by chapter, to Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back.  I've found myself alternately tearing up and laughing as I read, and often find myself thinking about her takes for a long time.  Let's let Jay get right into it: Dedication and Chapter One: "I'm Tired" by Jay Dunn, guest blogger I read over the reviews to get insight as to what some others had to say about it, and I felt rather positive about how this book could assist me become a better me. Dedicated to those too tired to remember the value they bring to [...]

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