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Healthcare Burnout: The US Surgeon General Needs to Know

Healthcare burnout targeted by the US Surgeon General!  I was very excited to read this report of a recent interview with the Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, MBA, in which he said that healthcare provider burnout is a priority this year. He situates reducing health care burnout as a part of his 2016 overall priority on emotional well-being: "The suicide and burnout rate is very high, and this is concerning to me because we're at a point in our country where we need more physicians, not fewer; we need more people entering our profession, not fewer," he said. "If we have people burning out, it really goes against our needs." I agree! But, I wonder, is this lip service or a real initiative?  Certainly it takes some time to build government programs. Since our excited Google search for “Surgeon General and burnout” did not yet return any other information on this new [...]

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Press! “Not Just a Personal Problem, Practitioner Burnout is a Public Health Issue”

We are very proud to announce the publication of this article on health care practitioner burnout which just appeared in Holistic Primary Care, written by our Marnie Loomis, ND, Burnout Avenger extraordinaire. If burnout is an issue for you or for your team, whatever your profession, it's a must-read. In it, she notes, with accuracy and compassion: In a profession where altruism is highly valued, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of self-sacrificing behavior. It's a slippery slope. Self-sacrifice, especially within a stressful working environment fraught with heavy workloads, emotional trauma and administrative hassles, can lead to damage that puts us and others at risk. So our respected Dr. Loomis proceeds to describe how you can diagnose whether burnout is really your issue.  If it is, with wry humor she asks: But then what?  And this is where her article really shines.  In reading it, you get a clear picture of what decades [...]

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Is there really a law against contacting a vacationing employee?

There is a law about contacting a vacationing employee in Germany! A recent NPR story highlighted Germany as a country where the link between employee burnout and workplace productivity is taken very seriously. Workers are already protected by current German law in several ways, including: 4+ weeks of vacation a year for every worker 35 hours in the average work week No contact from the office while on vacation – companies are forbidden from doing so Recently, the German Labor Minister Andrea Nahles made headlines when she proposed new laws to further protect German productivity.  Citing problems from increasing worker burnout including increased rates of application for early retirement due to stress-related health problems, she proposed new “anti-stress regulation.” Proposed new laws include: No emails after business hours Workplace programs to reduce stress in the workplace Not since the days of land-lines and snail mail has the possibility of such a healthy work/life [...]

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