Is there really a law against contacting a vacationing employee?

There is a law about contacting a vacationing employee in Germany! A recent NPR story highlighted Germany as a country where the link between employee burnout and workplace productivity is taken very seriously. Workers are already protected by current German law in several ways, including: 4+ weeks of vacation a year for every worker 35 hours in the average work week No contact from the office while on vacation – companies are forbidden from doing so Recently, the German Labor Minister Andrea Nahles made headlines when she proposed new laws to further protect German productivity.  Citing problems from increasing worker burnout including increased rates of application for early retirement due to stress-related health problems, she proposed new “anti-stress regulation.” Proposed new laws include: No emails after business hours Workplace programs to reduce stress in the workplace Not since the days of land-lines and snail mail has the possibility of such a healthy work/life [...]