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Taming Social Burnout with the Burnout Shield

Is social burnout a thing? Jay says it is. Then she corrals and tames social burnout by rounding up her own vibrant, staunchly individual Burnout Shield strategies. Plus: angel! Our friend Jay Dunn continues her deep personal dive, chapter by chapter, to Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back.  Enjoy! by Jay Dunn, guest blogger Burnout is a consequence of a person's prolonged attempts to protect themselves from emotional and interpersonal stressors. It is characterized by three main dimensions: the feeling of emotional exhaustion (which includes physical and mental exhaustion), a sense of cynicism (feeling less caring about the people you work with; older studies use the word depersonalization for this dimension,) and a low sense of personal accomplishment (feeling like you can't be effective or your work doesn't matter). My emotional exhaustion came from my willingness to be transparent with my friends and family... at [...]

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I’m Tired: A New Perspective

"I'm tired. ... Mind, this is usually never meant in a physical sense; it is almost always in a mental or emotional sense that I use it."  Meet my new friend, and now, delightful guest blogger, Jay Dunn. She is honoring us by sharing her quirky, thoughtful. personal responses, chapter by chapter, to Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back.  I've found myself alternately tearing up and laughing as I read, and often find myself thinking about her takes for a long time.  Let's let Jay get right into it: Dedication and Chapter One: "I'm Tired" by Jay Dunn, guest blogger I read over the reviews to get insight as to what some others had to say about it, and I felt rather positive about how this book could assist me become a better me. Dedicated to those too tired to remember the value they bring to [...]

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What Is Your Career Risk of Burnout?

What is your career risk for burnout?  Does burnout sear your business with high costs?  If you're feeling burned out -- or if you suspect your co-worker is -- check out the stats in this week's sneak preview to find out how common burnout is in your line of work, as well as an overview of the financial costs of burnout. This preview combines two sections of Chapter 1: Do You Work in a High-Risk Career? Burnout is probably found in the highest concentrations in the human service professions, otherwise known as the “helper” professions, including nurses and other medical practitioners, teachers, social workers, lawyers, clergy members, police officers and other professions that deal with assisting the public. There are more studies of burnout in the medical field, social work and teaching than in many other fields. Lawyers and clergy have been the subjects of studies as well. However, because [...]

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Know Your Burnout Warning Signs

In this book sneak preview, we share how and why you can learn to identify your own personal burnout warning signs, so that you can act on them as soon as they appear. Before the days of carbon-monoxide sensors, miners used to bring canaries in cages down with them, when they went to work underground.  When the canary began to die, the miners knew that oxygen levels in their miles-down workplace had become dangerously low, and they must leave immediately.  This is how the "canary in the coal mine" became a potent metaphor for an early indicator of potential danger or failure.You can can save yourself significant further stress, by teaching yourself to take specific positive action when one of these warning signs crop up . You can think of these burnout warning signs as your personal canary in the coal mine of burnout. Today, as well as this helpful excerpt, [...]

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Can a Vacation Cure Burnout?

Can a vacation cure burnout? Not as a solo strategy. But a well-designed vacation CAN jump-start your healing and recovery. What research there is on this question is clear: although your vacation, by itself, will not provide a lasting cure for burnout, today's sneak preview from Save Yourself from Burnout discusses how you can make your vacation into a powerful experience to jump-start your healing and recovery. (I lightly edited this sneak preview to fit as a blog post.) Strengthen Your Burnout Shield with a Well-Designed Vacation In an earlier preview of Save Yourself from Burnout, we talked about burnout as a type of physical workplace injury.  We challenge you to consider burnout as an injury when thinking about your next vacation, because that leads you to set your next vacation's purpose as healing and recovery. How well does your vacation plan cultivate the five Key Areas of your Burnout Shield: [...]

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Severe Burnout? Try a “Save Yourself Sleep Plan”

A Save Yourself Sleep Plan can lessen the miserable exhaustion of severe burnout.  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Step by step, you can feel a lot better. Vacations, by themselves, are not enough to banish severe burnout. Even worse, if your exhaustion is severe, participating in an active vacation can deepen your burnout. However, a simple, clear, four-step Save Yourself Sleep Plan can bring you back to feeling much more energized.  When you commit to it, this plan works.  It's up to you how fast you move through it, and how committed you are.Short-circuit it by skimping on one of the steps, then you’ll either lose much of its benefits, or else you'll spend much longer to get them. If you’re reading this, I am pretty sure you are a go-getter. (Or you were, before burnout set in.) Unfortunately, that excellent quality is part of [...]

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Burnout’s Brain Effects

Burnout's brain effects can be devastating. People with burnout often experience: Brain fog Dangerous inattention leading to low productivity and increased accidents Unpleasant mood changes (to themselves, not to mention to the people around them!) In this latest sneak preview (lightly edited to fit in a blog post) from our upcoming book, Save Yourself from Burnout: A System, to Get Your Life Back, we give you a useful framework for understanding what happens to your brain when you're burned out, as well as a low-energy but highly effective way to help turn these effects around. "You Wire What You Fire" Certain brain scans can show which part of the brain is active when people participate in different activities. When scientists do scans on burned-out people as they work, and compare them to the brains of non-burned out people as they work, it shows that burned out brains are active in different [...]

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Dynamo, the Burnout-Fighting Donkey. Yes, for Real!

Meet Dynamo, the Burnout-Fighting Donkey.  Seriously, you'll love this story, for its charm and its usefulness. Dynamo's Day Job Dynamo loves to be helpful, and is proud to have so much stamina and drive. We're not sure what Dynamo's job is: perhaps Dynamo is one of those sure-footed donkeys who safely ferries adventurers, with all their gear, up and down treacherous paths in the Grand Canyon. Or maybe Dynamo lives on a Greek island, lugging loads of sacks of concrete up steep mountain lanes that trucks can't possibly navigate. Or, just maybe, Dynamo is a therapy donkey, teaching kids and adults with disabilities to feel confident and loved. But somewhere along the way, Dynamo's cart got overloaded, and now our little donkey is no longer able to be useful..     How Dynamo Became the Burnout-Fighting Donkey for So Many People When Dr. Marnie Loomis, ND, co-author of "Save Yourself [...]

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Book Sneak Preview #3. On Beth’s Birthday, a Present for You

It is my birthday today.  I’m celebrating by giving YOU a birthday present. And also by drinking peach daiquiris with my co-author: The authors, fresh peach daiquiris in hand, celebrate finishing the FINAL EDIT before their book can go to printer next week. Even though it's my birthday, I'm a bit sad that it will still be a while before Save Yourself from Burnout’s publication date -- and as you know, I really can’t stand making you wait.  I want you to have all the recovery tools now. Also: I’m a big reader – I often stay up too late with my nose in a book or my Kindle (or my phone,) reading, reading, reading. As an introvert, I’ve been known to stay home from a party to finish the book I’m engrossed in. And of course, I love sharing good reads. And good videos. And good tools. [...]

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Book Sneak Preview #2: Burnout: Workplace Zombie Virus?

We are so excited to share our new, professionally-designed front cover! Our fans and clients told us this photo feels deeply personal. Cover design credit: Jennifer Omner, Do people who care about you consider your burnout a workplace zombie virus level emergency?  Do you?  It felt like that for me. At the time, I had no practical idea how to feel better. Now I know a lot more about what helps and what doesn't. That's why Dr. Marnie Loomis, ND, and I wrote this soon-to-be-released book. I won't make you wait!  Here’s your second preview, complete with our very favorite title in the book, and a seminal interaction with some of you. You make a difference! (If you missed the first sneak preview, click here to read it now.)     Contrary to Popular Belief, Burnout is Not a Workplace Zombie Virus At a recent teacher's conference, we [...]

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