Why is this happening to me? How can I feel good again?

When you’re burned out, these are the questions that you most need answers to.

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Burnout Shield diagram. Use it when you're exhausted.

We built the Burnout Shield for you, for our driven, dedicated community heroes. We were miserable with burnout. We saw our colleagues and students and friends suffering with burnout. And we all urgently needed to know: How did we get stuck here? And for heaven's sake, how do we get out?

Because we are medical professionals, we dug into the medical literature around burnout and found the most effective protective behaviors, attitudes and skills, and the ones that make you most vulnerable as verified by science.

The Burnout Shield Assessment helps you dive deep into those questions in an easy to understand assessment test. When you finish answering the questions, you’ll find your Burnout Shield:

  • Provides answers customized to you and your situation.
  • Ensures you can see, remember, and use your results at a glance, with a simple visual map.

When you finish this assessment, you will have created a clear map of how you can protect yourself from burnout (and how you are already protecting yourself.)

We first introduced the Burnout Shield in our book, Save Yourself From Burnout. Now, this online version makes the process even easier by handling all the calculations for you, and drawing your personal Burnout Shield. You’ll know exactly where your Burnout Shield is covering you and where it needs to be strengthened. You’ll also receive information about what to do next given your specific results, and how to stay on track.

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