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Stress threatening to overwhelm you? 

Create your own Quick Action Plan:

Burned out? Here's what to do first

This quick PDF handbook features a couple of exercises, along with some suggestions you can tailor to your specific sitution. Cartoon graphics lighten the mood, while the steps lead you into creating a specific, do-able Action Plan—and all for free.

When you're fried to a crisp, you need info that's simple, straightforward, specific and brief. We get it -- we've been there. And we've got your back.

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The Anti-Burnout Handbook gets you off to a good start.

Let’s cut to the nitty-gritty. You're tired -- the last thing you need is another to-do list. Instead, this Handbook helps you create a short, do-able, Action Plan you've customized to your own situation. And your Action Plan stays useful -- you can refer back to it whenever you like.

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Never fear - we won't leave you on your own!

For the first few days after you download your handbook, we'll check in with you for a few days by email, with addtional free info around a couple of places where we've found some folks tend to get stuck.

Once they're feeling a bit better, most people we work with enjoy having ongoing support. So each Tuesday, watch for a quick email from us. Of course, you can unsubscribe any time, but we hope you won't! We send you valuable free info: excerpts from the book, links to free live video chats, and more. All designed to answer your questions, and get key information into your hands.

Cover of the book: Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back

What book?

We keep mentioning "the book." What book? We're thrilled you want to know! "Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back," is where we let you in on our unique, scienced-base system for recovering from burnout. The Handbook pulls some key information from the book. (We can do that, because we wrote them both.)

You Might Be Wondering...

Who even made this handbook?

This handbook is brought to you by the authors of "Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back." We're a naturopathic physician and a specialty nurse-practitioner. Our shared experiences with burnout drove us to build a research-based way out of burnout and back to productivity. 

Can I download this handbook and read it later?

We’re glad you asked! You sure can. Just click this link right here, and enter your email address. We’ll email you the PDF so you can download it, print it, share it with coworkers, and read it at your leisure.  


Can I start my First Aid Action Plan right now? 

By all means! In fact, we’d love that. Click here to get the Handbook. As you read it, you'll build your own anti-burnout Action Plan right away with the information you learn.  

Where do I get my hands on that book? 

Check out this link. We created a comprehensive resource to be valuable for people just starting a career in a high-burnout field, as well as those who are veterans of multiple burnout episodes. When you order, you get immediate access to wonderful free bonuses -- so check out that link.  

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