Dynamo, the Burnout-Fighting Donkey. Yes, for Real!

Meet Dynamo, the Burnout-Fighting Donkey.  Seriously, you'll love this story, for its charm and its usefulness. Dynamo's Day Job Dynamo loves to be helpful, and is proud to have so much stamina and drive. We're not sure what Dynamo's job is: perhaps Dynamo is one of those sure-footed donkeys who safely ferries adventurers, with all their gear, up and down treacherous paths in the Grand Canyon. Or maybe Dynamo lives on a Greek island, lugging loads of sacks of concrete up steep mountain lanes that trucks can't possibly navigate. Or, just maybe, Dynamo is a therapy donkey, teaching kids and adults with disabilities to feel confident and loved. But somewhere along the way, Dynamo's cart got overloaded, and now our little donkey is no longer able to be useful..     How Dynamo Became the Burnout-Fighting Donkey for So Many People When Dr. Marnie Loomis, ND, co-author of "Save Yourself [...]

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Book Sneak Preview #3. On Beth’s Birthday, a Present for You

It is my birthday today.  I’m celebrating by giving YOU a birthday present. And also by drinking peach daiquiris with my co-author: The authors, fresh peach daiquiris in hand, celebrate finishing the FINAL EDIT before their book can go to printer next week. Even though it's my birthday, I'm a bit sad that it will still be a while before Save Yourself from Burnout’s publication date -- and as you know, I really can’t stand making you wait.  I want you to have all the recovery tools now. Also: I’m a big reader – I often stay up too late with my nose in a book or my Kindle (or my phone,) reading, reading, reading. As an introvert, I’ve been known to stay home from a party to finish the book I’m engrossed in. And of course, I love sharing good reads. And good videos. And good tools. [...]

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Book Sneak Preview #2: Burnout: Workplace Zombie Virus?

We are so excited to share our new, professionally-designed front cover! Our fans and clients told us this photo feels deeply personal. Cover design credit: Jennifer Omner, Do people who care about you consider your burnout a workplace zombie virus level emergency?  Do you?  It felt like that for me. At the time, I had no practical idea how to feel better. Now I know a lot more about what helps and what doesn't. That's why Dr. Marnie Loomis, ND, and I wrote this soon-to-be-released book. I won't make you wait!  Here’s your second preview, complete with our very favorite title in the book, and a seminal interaction with some of you. You make a difference! (If you missed the first sneak preview, click here to read it now.)     Contrary to Popular Belief, Burnout is Not a Workplace Zombie Virus At a recent teacher's conference, we [...]

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Book Sneak Preview #1: You Are Not Alone!

I'm so excited to share this, our very first quick sneak preview in our upcoming burnout book, Save Yourself from Burnout. This message of hope comes straight out of Chapter One. .... The old cover mockup - new one coming soon! You Are Not Alone If you have been the type of go-getter in life who pushes yourself through the tough times, don’t worry. First of all, you didn’t necessarily do this to yourself. Research has shown that people don’t tend to burn out unless they are exposed to particular types of stress. Second, your strength, commitment, and determination will still play a role as you save yourself from burnout. However, now you will need your strength to help you pull away from your work to look honestly at your situation and consider what is and is not working in your life. Your sense of commitment will be needed [...]

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Resolve for 2017: Jumpstart Your Energy and Productivity, and End Burnout

We have entered a new year, ready to face all the new challenges and opportunities that come with this transition. With the book's spring publication fast approaching, I am grateful to return to my greatest love: working with you. In fact, I've chosen partnerships as my focus word for 2017. I am very excited to share all the things I learned last year, and help you beat burnout. Check out these opportunities to partner with me! Are you: A dedicated, hardworking teacher? If so, register now to grab (free!) CEU credit at the 2017 Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference. Last year, I found the conference organizers had created a beautiful positive and supportive atmosphere (along with booking excellent presenters). I'm honored they invited me back to lead another workshop this year. Passionate about occupational safety and health? Then register for the Oregon GOSH 2017 Conference, the largest safety and health conference in the [...]

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Got Political Burnout? 8 Ways to Protect Yourself

With the election, and the rapid changes in the political and social landscape, many of us are feeling political burnout. We were already overwhelmed. Yet, we care deeply. We feel called to respond vigorously to critical issues and community events where we have not been active before. In this tumultuous time, we feel called to support and protect our values for our families, our communities and our nation. However, burnout, causes our caring to recede behind a wall of exhaustion and withdrawal, often leaving us feeling guilty and sad over our inability to keep caring. In fact, emotional exhaustion is a key feature of burnout. If you are feeling emotionally exhausted, you are not alone. What's more, personal stress warning signs -- like snapping at your children, distracted driving, or an increased tendency to accidents or illness -- may now be showing up in your life. Stop.  Breathe. Listen inward.  Are your [...]

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Exhaustion and Decision Fatigue Are Friends – But Not YOUR Friends

Have you ever felt so exhausted, you couldn’t even lever yourself up off your behind in order to go to bed?  You couldn’t make  yourself turn off the TV or quit playing computer games, even though you were too tired even to see them clearly?  Exhaustion friended decision fatigue, and they both have ganged up on you. When this happens to me, I feel a little bit like I’ve lost my mind.  Where did she go,  I wonder, the decisive, health-promoting woman I believe myself to be?  While I wasn’t looking, it seems she was somehow replaced by a perseverating, solitaire-playing wimp. (I love the word perseverate.  I especially like the Merriam-Webster definition, because it ignores clinical implications and goes for the everyday meaning: “continuation of something (as repetition of a word) usually to an exceptional degree or beyond a desired point.”  The perfect word for this problem, which is: being too [...]

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Do You Have an Over-Giving Habit? Overgiving can be a habit.  Long before I overworked myself into the hospital, I skipped my honeymoon to go right back to work. My coworkers' reactions were priceless. It took far too long, and several episodes of overwork-to-burnout, before I learned this one. I wish I'd had this reminder in front of me years ago. Along with someone to tell me, in no uncertain terms, "This means YOU!" Does my story about the habit of overgiving resonate for you? Or are you glad your overgiving habit is not quite THAT bad? Either way, if you'd like to download this reminder image in its full high-resolution glory, to display as a desktop background or print as a poster next to your desk or card for your wallet, click here. Send me the high-resolution digital file now  

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Why Say No Anyway?

Get a free high-resolution file of this beautiful image. See below. Why do I insist to you, my community of souls fighting burnout, that Say No Anyway is key? Chances are good, that you, like me, were raised with “it is better to give than to receive.”  For me,  giving to others is usually highly pleasurable. Passing a referral to a colleague, teaching, or caring for a child – such behaviors help improve my community, and therefore add meaning to my life. I bet you feel the same. But when you’re facing burnout, you may well have taken this virtue way past its human limits. Here’s what happened to me when I exceeded my own human limits on giving: One day, I was in my car, on my way to get a haircut at a salon I had visited many times before.  But I found I was hopelessly lost. My [...]

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Gratitude and Finding Meaning

Susan Bender Phelps When she was stuck in bed for nearly two weeks, recovering (slowly!) from an episode of intense back pain, my friend Susan Bender Phelps did not pause her gratitude practice. Every day, she continued to post, on Facebook, three things that went well during her day. Here is one of her posts from that long two weeks: What Went Well: 1. Best day so far for my back. Can get in and out of bed with much more ease. 2. Getting my TSP Executive Board meeting covered as I still can't sit or stand long enough to go in person. 3. Was able to sit and get out some work for a client this morning. As you can probably guess, Bender Phelps is a vigorous and busy person who is used to getting a great deal accomplished, every day. With two weeks of flat-on-her-back pain, [...]

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