When you love what you do
You work like hell every day

People who are passionate about their life's work
– such as nurses, teachers, and community organizers –
are at the greatest risk of burnout.

And you are the kind of person we most need to be strong right now.

Stress and burnout are dangerous — to your health, to your productivity, and to your peace of mind. Burnout steals joy from your work. Burnout impacts your relationships.

You don't have to fight burnout alone. Burnout Solutions offers practical, evidence-based tools and strategies to protect the hardest workers from burnout.

Regain and maintain your energy for changing the world.

Build your Burnout Shield

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Save Yourself From Burnout: The Book

Save Yourself From Burnout, the book

Wow! “Save Yourself from Burnout” is truly a comprehensive and practical manual for both better understanding – but more importantly – reversing job burnout. The expert and experienced authors’ view is one I share – that only each of us can ultimately take control of our own physical, mental and emotional health. Sure there are LOTS of doable, highly usable methods in this book (be sure to try out only 2-3 maximum at a time); but as important is how accessible the information and techniques are. This book is both really easy and enjoyable to read. “Save Yourself from Burnout” absolutely stands out for the quality and innovation of the methods the authors share as well as for being highly user-friendly in all ways.

Robert Pater, Managing Director/Founder, MoveSMART®

Hope is a mandatory ingredient for a fulfilling and abundant life. Burnout is the antithesis to this and results in a pervasive loss of this essential element to our health and well-being. Dr Loomis’ and Ms Genly’s book: Save Yourself from Burnout brings hope to all who suffer from burnout. This work also offers hope to all those whom have not yet reached their exhaustive threshold but have begun to slump. In truth, this book is a guide for everyone that wants to reassess, restore, and return to our original birthright-a life filled with anticipation of fulfillment and contentment.

Erin Lommen, ND, CEO and Assoc. Medical Director, Labrix Clinical Services, Inc.

Everyone feels the burn when we're close to burning out, but many of us just don't know how to stay productive and joyful. Beth and Marnie show you some very simple and easy to implement strategies for avoiding burnout and building your plan for personal and professional success.

Cathey Armillas

Save Yourself from Burnout is your one-stop handbook if you're starting to feel stressed out, maxed out, and burned out in your personal or professional life. Written in short, punchy, well-researched chapters, each page is filled with actionable strategies, tactics, and tools to help you become your best self. Marnie and Beth show you how to get your mojo back while boosting your confidence, clarity and control. A total home run. Implement these ideas now and watch how fast your results improve. Bam!!

David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing

I'm a firm believer in the old adage, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.” Beth Genly and Marnie Loomis are caring and competent teachers, and I wish I had been ready for their insights sooner! Encountering the ideas and engaging in the activities in this book, I feel that I have company on my healing journey, and am not so alone. Instead of a once-through read, this resource will be a valuable companion as I continue to recover from burnout; I anticipate that it will continue to serve me as I practice better habits, so I can avoid going there ever again.

Karen Wolfgang, former CEO of Independence Gardens
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Burnout IS:

… a personal response to severe long-term stresses. Burnout is soul-deep exhaustion, cynical withdrawal from work and from life, as well as deep doubts about your own ability to make a difference. Burnout is real; scientists have studied it for more than 40 years. Burnout IS:

  • Feeling overextended and depleted.
  • Experiencing exhaustion that is “bone-deep,” or even “soul-deep.”
  • Being constantly critical, cranky, maybe sarcastic.
  • You feel isolated, like you’re the only one who feels this way.
  • You’ve lost the certainty that your work can make a difference.
  • And yet… you may be afraid to let your professional veneer slip, and let people know how broken you feel.

Burnout IS NOT:

…a made-up thing, and it is not all in your head. Burnout can happen to a person more than once, but you CAN recover permanently. Burnout is NOT:

  • Just a bad day or fatigue after a big project.
  • Indicating you are weak, or a bad person.
  • Fixable simply by taking a vacation or signing up for a yoga class. Recovering from burnout requires a multi-dimensional approach.
  • A badge of honor (though many people speak of it this way.)
  • Inevitable. Even if you work in a profession or industry known for its high rate of burnout, you can learn to stay out of burnout for good.

Are you willing to commit at least 15 minutes a day to build well-researched skills that protect you from burnout?

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